Tommy Lindgren

MC Father Metro – or Tommy Lindgren, as it says on his passport – is a Helsinki-based rapper known primarily as the front man of hip-hop group Don Johnson Big Band. Lindgren has been a household name in Finnish hip-hop for almost two decades, earning praise from critics and audiences alike. His style is characterized by a rapid-fire delivery and a unique live energy.

Having previously worked for Amnesty International, Tommy Lindgren is also an outspoken public figure with an interest in human rights and social awareness. And a part-time sports journalist. (Yes, really.)

As the lead figure of the genre-hopping Don Johnson Big Band, Lindgren has released five albums – racking up gold and platinum sales, as well as three Finnish Grammy Awards. Over the years, he has toured with the band in Finland, Europe, and beyond. They have warmed up crowds for the likes of Kanye West, James Brown, George Clinton and Jamiroquai.

In 2016, Lindgren released his first solo album in Finnish entitled Sininen kaupunki (Blue City), revealing a whole new side to his artistry. The album is an organic combination of hip hop, trip hop, jazz and indie folk/rock influences. A collection of intimate and distracted stories about relationships between people, solitude and togetherness.


  • Tommy Lindgren, photo Kaapo Kamu
  • Tommy Lindgren, photo Kaapo Kamu
  • Tommy Lindgren, photo Kaapo Kamu
“[Blue City] sounds like an album where Lindgren can finally express all the things he has not been able or willing to say in his previous projects.”Mikko Aaltonen, Me Naiset magazine

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