“Pia wraps both things and people in her warm embrace, and gives both a caring hug. ❤”José Mäenpää, vocalist, trumpeter
“Pia Raitala – the name to go to, quality guaranteed.”Iiro Rantala, pianist
“What a wonderful, radiant power woman. Like a fresh breeze every time we meet!”Virpi Immonen, General Manager, Fullsteam Management Ltd
“Pia has an exceptional knack for building a strong foundation for an artist’s career. Thanks to her limitlessly positive attitude, there’s no creative idea that couldn’t take root and be turned into an ambitious production.”Teemu Viinikainen, guitarist
“It’s a sheer joy to work with Pia because she makes musicians feel important and welcome.”Teemu Mattsson, trumpeter
“Pia is a long-standing and brilliant partner. Everything gets done swiftly, flexibly and as agreed – all with a smile.”Tiina Tunturi, General Manager, Naantali Music Festival
“Pia – one of the loveliest and most fun managers; if not one of the best. It’s always a privilege to work with her.”Tero Saarti, trumpeter
“Pia has an admirable way of taking care of things to the last detail. She is solid as a rock.”Kasperi Sarikoski, trombonist
“When Pia gives a ring, you know you’ll soon be in for a lot of fun and laughter. What’s more, it may also mean a glass of sparkling.”Jaakko Kuusisto, conductor, composer, violinist
“Pia commits to all that she does with deep passion and love. One can only admire and try to follow her example.”Teppo Mäkynen, drummer
“All those things that crop up at the last minute – the things that no one has even come to think of – Pia has taken care of already a month in advance.”Ville Vannemaa, saxophonist
“More than ten years with Pia, and I can say that everything works superbly. Nothing further to add.”Felix Zenger, beatbox artist
“They say that one can be inspired by almost anything. When it comes to Pia, all you got to do is give a call or send an email.”Kristian Schmidt, Executive Producer, Teurastamo
“Pia is first-class, pure and simple.”Klas Granqvist, sound technician, Studiogenes Ltd
“Raitala is efficient, productive and hungry – watch her out! “Timo Lassy, jazz artist
“With Pia, the artist is a star!”Jarmo Saari, guitarist, composer
“Pia is a true professional who may have a will of iron when standing up for her artists. In real life, however, she is the sweetest person on earth, who will knit a pair of socks even for the roadies if required.”Antti Murto, sound dude
“Raitala! What a charming package of professionalism, reliability and enthusiasm. Pia makes my job child’s play.”Maija Kuusisto, General Manager, Oulu Symphony Orchestra
“Pia Raitala’s sovereign professionalism and passionate engagement in forwarding the artist’s career are one of a kind.”Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen, composer, musician, producer
“Mutual trust yields the best results. I trust Pia, year in, year out.”Jussi Fredriksson, musician, Executive Manager, Flame Jazz
“It’s hard to describe how fantastic Pia is in everything she does… She will never fail to give you a boost and show you the bright side of things. When Pia tackles it, any problem will turn from a mountain into a molehill.”Max Zenger, saxophonist
“Pia gives all or nothing. Intensity 101%. Warmly recommended!”Aki Rissanen, pianist
fai R
w A rm
openmI nded
punc T ual
h A rdworking
re L iable
one of A kind
Jussi Kannaste, saxophonist
“With many people work feels like work. With Pia, it feels like life. Good life. Already since 2009.”Jukka Perko, saxophonist