Linda Fredriksson

Saxophone player Linda Fredriksson (they/them) stands out amongst the Finnish jazz artists, both locally and internationally. Their versatile and unique style ranging across genres makes them one of the most interesting musicians of the scene.

Fredriksson is best known as a saxophonist of the ground-breaking Mopo trio, the renowned “all-star combo of jazz” Ricky-Tick Big Band and the highly acclaimed Superposition. Alongside with their bands, Fredriksson has composed music for theatre, performance art, silent films and an exhibition as well as collaborated with artists like Timo Lassy, Raoul Björkenheim, Ultra Bra, Jimi Tenor, The Valkyrians, European Saxophone Ensemble, Niillas Holmberg and European Jazz Orchestra, just to name a few.

Fredriksson has studied saxophone at Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory and Conservatorium van Amsterdam. They graduated with a Master’s degree from Sibelius Academy in 2014. Their main instruments are baritone sax and alto sax, and they also plays flute and bass clarinet.

DownBeat magazine has nominated Fredriksson on its Rising Star list four times in a row between 2016-2019. In Finland, they have received e.g. the “Critics Spurs” Award by the Finnish Critics’ Association and Pori Jazz Ted Curson Prize.

Fredriksson released their debut solo album “Juniper” on 29 Oct 2021 . The songs are mostly composed with guitar and the music has a lot of singer-songwriter influences combined with improvisation and jazz esthetiques.


“Fredriksson’s saxophone solos are never mere displays of technical virtuosity – her phrasing on ballads is considered and emotionally resonant while on more uptempo pieces, she goes for the gut. She gets more out of slight variations on a melody than many players could out of ten minutes of screaming or 50 lighting fast scales.”Phil Freeman, The New York City Jazz Record, 2019

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